OUR VISION – We see a huge potential of emerging technologies in the board sport industry and how the customer interacts with these products through their personal and shared experience.  With advancements in technology we see many new and exciting high end boards and gear arriving on the market over the next several decades. Boardopolis LLC is at the forefront to find these new products along with helping visionaries promote and distribute their innovative creations.  We plan on focusing on our online storefront initially then opening select strategic retail locations worldwide in the future. Boardopolis LLC is the go to destination for the most unique board sport inventions on the planet along with well known brands we all know and love. Unique, Innovative, Quality Products, and the customers experience are the backbone of our company.

BOARDOPOLIS LLC also plans to change how the board sport market interacts with its visitors, customers and innovators through a unique process.  Redefining the online shopping experience, along with forging partnerships with inventors to help foster and grow their visions into reality.  Merging the hands on and social experience of the customer with product offerings is what sets us apart from traditional online retailers.  We believe in ” CAPTURING THE EXPERIENCE ™ ” with the cooperation of customers, partners, talented riders, filmmakers and photographers from around the globe.

BOARDOPOLIS LLC is a privately held company, 100% of the company shares are currently held by the company which opens up a great opportunity to a skilled and savvy investor.  The development of our online retail experience, technologies, partnerships, inventory, future expansion is an ongoing process and is conducted in close collaboration with our company, our partners, content providers, and customers. We project expansion of the company and the positive forecast of new developments in emerging markets.  Boardopolis LLC is seeking the right investors that share our vision.  We are also looking for investors that have experience in structuring a top notch executive team along with expanding our online business and transitioning into retail storefront locations .  If you share the same enthusiasm as we do and have a track record of successful retail investing contact us to discuss how we can collaborate.


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